DAT - Myanmar people providing the support for IT modernization in Myanmar

DAT(DIR-ACE Technolog Ltd.) was established in April 2013 by collaboration between DIR(One of the Japan's leading think tanks) and ACE(a major Myanmar IT company).

DIR is closely involved in the development of a capital market in Myanmar, including the provision of support for establishment of a stock exchange under a memorandum signed with the Cental Bank of Myanmar in May 2012. In today's global financial and capital markets, IT systems are absolutely indispensable. DIR decided to establish DAT together with ACE to provide support for the introduction and deployment of IT technology in Myanmar's financial and capital markets.

DIR has outsourced scurities business system development and other IT business to ACE since December 2010, and the system skills of ACE staff have greately improved during this period. After about two years of preparation, these systems development skills now provide the core capacity for DAT, which will concentrate on supporting the construction of stock exchange and securities companies' systems. DIR is continuing to outsource development projects that contribute to futher enhancement of systems development skills. DAT plans to expand its business, providing wide-ranging IT support of services to Myanmar companies and to Japanese companies operating in Myanmar.

DAT is at an early stage in its development, but its skills and capabilities are growing strongly. It is expected to become a key provider of suppport for IT modernization in Myanmar.

Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
Daiwa Institute of Research, serving as core information-generating arm of Daiwa Securities Group, is separated into three divisions: research, consulting and system solutions. The three divisions cooperate and mutually offer value added information services.
ACE Data Systems Ltd.
ACE Data Systems was established in 1992, which is a leading system development company in Myanmar. It is building systems for customers such as banks, insurance companies, hotels, retail and so on.
Principal business activities
IT support for stock exchange and securities company systems
Development, maintenance and operation for stock exchange and securities company systems
IT support for ordinary businesses
IT support for Myanmar companies and Japanese companies operating in Myanmar
Offshore Development
Systems development, maintenance and operation services for the DIR Group
Company Outline
Corporate name DIR-ACE Technology Ltd.(DAT) Capital Contribution ratio DIR:50% ACE:50%
Date of establishment 8th April, 2013 Chairman U Thein Oo
Location Building 17, 3rd Floor
Myanmar Info-Tech, Hlaing Township,
Yangon, Myanmar
CEO Hiroyasu Ishikawa

Stock Exchange & Securities System Development
IT Services

Offshore Development